Celebrate Like Royal-Tea: 5 Royal Facts About Afternoon Tea

It’s not long now until the wedding of the year.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tying the knot on May 19 – and we at The Black Swan think it’s cause for a great British and American celebration to remember!

We are marking the special occasion with a rather regal two for one offer on Champagne afternoon tea, usually £32.45 per person.

And to have a bit of fun we thought we’d run through some royal-tea facts. See what we did there?

Here are five royal facts about afternoon tea:

  1. The British ritual of afternoon tea gained popularity in the dressing room of Anna Maria Russell, née Stanhope, the seventh Duchess of Bedford – and one of Queen Victoria’s Ladies of the Bedchamber and a lifelong friend. Anna was too hungry to wait for dinner. Understandably too – as in the 19th century it could be served as late as 9.30pm. She requested bread with butter, biscuits and cakes to enjoy with a cup of tea. The Queen learnt of this activity and loved the idea!
  2. Queen Victoria also enjoyed having light cake with buttercream and fresh raspberries – later known as Victoria sponge cake – to accompany her tea.
  3. Today afternoon tea at the palace is usually served at 4pm with scones, cakes or canapés.
  4. The Prince of Wales and his brand Duchy Originals promotes organic food. His collection ties in nicely with afternoon tea – featuring fine teas, scones, biscuits and preserves.
  5. And if you were to ever have afternoon tea with the Queen just remember…only the teacup should be raised when drinking. NEVER the pinkie finger.

The two for one on Champagne afternoon tea offer runs from until Thursday, May 31 but excludes bank holidays. Book direct on 01439 770466 and quote: ROYAL WEDDING