The Gallery Signature Menu

Mojito □ On the Rocks

Cucumber □ Gazpacio Water, Goats Cheese

Tuna □ Ginger, Soy, Wasabi, Rice Bubbles

Iberico Ham □ Salsify Trunk, Salmon Roe

Scallop □ Pork Belly, Spring Onion

Char-grilled Celeriac □ Apple, Sea Bream

Rabbit □ HG4 3RJ

Brie de Meaux □ Truffle Honey Comb

Mango □ Chilli

Forest □ Cherry, Chocolate, Lime Snow

8 courses – £75.00 per person. Drinks pairing £40.00 per person.

Please note that this menu will be available from 1st September 2014.