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Service Charge

Our Service Charge

The Black Swan Hotel is launching a 5% service charge on May 1, 2018.

You may be used to paying a service charge at your favourite restaurants and hotels as it is increasingly commonplace in the hospitality industry, with many benefits.
Here we aim to answer some questions guests may have about the scheme.

What is a Service Charge?

· A service charge is an additional charge to a guest’s bill.

· This is a discretionary charge and any guest has the right to remove it from their bill.

· A service charge recognises and rewards all employees who deliver outstanding customer service.

Why Are We Launching It?

· We believe our staff deliver outstanding customer service, regardless of their role.

· Guest feedback – such as not wishing to add the service charge – helps us to understand how to improve the experience we offer.

· As well as benefiting our guests our staff will also see their hard work rewarded, with the monies spilt between staff, a ring-fenced staff fund with a staff committee at its helm and staff welfare.

How Will It Work?

· The service charge will be added to rooms as well as any products or services bought.

· It will not be added to private dining, weddings or conferences – however it will be added to shoot parties.

· There will be no change to how the staff tips are currently dealt with.

The service charge will be divided three ways.

1) Half of the fund will be paid to all staff on a monthly basis.

2) 25% of the remaining half will become a staff committee trust.
A staff committee communicates with colleagues and brings ideas to the meetings on how they would like the money to be spent. All meetings will have minutes for anyone to read.

3) 25% is for a HR fund and used for schemes including colleague engagement, team building, training courses and staff welfare.

If you have any further questions about our service charge please feel free to contact Shelly Hague, group HR manager Shelly Hague via email –