Six of one (half ‘dozen of another) Tasting Menu choices –
For those of you who don’t like to put all your eggs in one basket!

To Begin…

Amuse Bouche

~ ~ ~

Please choose two dishes from the choices below for your 2nd & 3rd courses:

Hand Dive Scallops (Isle of Mull)
Cardamom infused Carrot Purée / Radishes/ Lemon Balm/ Maple Foam

Tomato (Yorkshire)
Yorkshire Heritage Tomato Collection/ Essence/ Nasturtium

Chicken Broth
Lemongrass/ Ginger/ Peas/ Mushrooms

Ham and Apple
Balsamic Onions/ Piccalilli/ Rye Crisp

~ ~ ~

Please choose one dish from the choices below for your main course:

Duck (Yorkshire)
Breast/ Potato Fondant / Cep Mushroom / Spring Onions/ Apricot / Yuzu sauce

Monkfish (Inshore Boats, Scarborough)
Sprouting Purple Broccolis/ Butternut Squash Purée-Roasted-Pickle/ Pancetta/ Squid/ Coconut-Curry

Beef (Waterford Farm, Kirby)
Fillet Steak & Oxtail / Shallot Marmalade/ Celeriac Purée/ Baby Leek/ Red Wine Jus (£7.00 supplement per couple)

Poached Green Asparagus
Crushed New Potatoes / Nasturtium / Infused Orange Cardamom Dressing
Pre Dessert

~ ~ ~

Please choose one dish from the choices below:

Apple Tart Tatin
Tonka Bean Ice Cream

Pistachio Cake
Vanilla Mousseline / Strawberry Sorbet

White Chocolate Cheesecake
Bailey’s Ice Cream

Chef’s Choice of Six Cheeses

Please note that each couple must choose the same combination of dishes to create your own bespoke Tasting Menu.
Please advise us of any allergies or dietary requirements.