Tea Selection

At The Black Swan we offer a wide range of teas and coffees with almost 20 different types of tea currently on our menu. As well as the more well known teas, The Black Swan is also proud to offer a bespoke range of teas, ‘Cygnet Tea’, which have been carefully and lovingly blended by The Black Swan Tea Company. The Cygnet Tea collection is available either as loose leaf tea or in ‘tea cygnets’. If you happen to fall in love with one of the Cygnet Tea ranges, these can be purchased to take home with you. Please ask a member of staff for details.

Tea Selection

Black Swan Blend – £3.50

Our own careful balanced blend of First Flush Assam and Ceylon teas that give a bright, full of flavour, exquisite tea

Decaffinated Blend Tea – £3.50

Assam 1st Flush – £3.50

Grown in the Brahmaputra valley, India. Rich, malty taste

Darjeeling 1st Flush – £3.95

The champagne of teas from the Himalayan foothills. Rich flavour and fine bouquet

Ceylon UVA – £3.50

Grown on the eastern slopes of the Sri Lankan Massif, 5000 feet above sea level. A fine, flavour, with delicate aroma

Organic Bohea Lapsang Souchong – £3.50

Grown in the Fujian region of China, exceptional quality, rich and smoky with an almost peaty warmth

Chinese Teas

China was the first country to grow tea (it was the British who took it to India) and has a huge variety of styles and methods of drinking. We hope you’ll try one or two from our selection. All usually served without milk or lemon.

White Teas

These are made from the youngest and most delicate growth of the plant. It is the rarest of tea, which undergoes little processing, so it’s very high in antioxidants

China White Ying Zhen Silver Needle – £3.95

Hand-picked needle-shaped buds. Superb aroma and prolonge sweet aftertaste

Green Teas

Fresh-picked green tea leaves are rolled and dried quickly to preserve their colour. Rich in vitamins, with a fresh, clean taste

China Organic Gunpowder Green – £3.95

Carefully selected leaves are rolled into pellets. Watch the leaves uncurl to make a strong dark infusion with all the grassyflavours you expect

Flowering Osmanthus – £3.95

An explosion of green tea leaves, unfolding the flame-coloured Osmanthus, warm peachy taste

Oolong Teas

The leaves are picked, rolled and left to partly oxidise. Very rich in antioxidants.

Phoenix Oolong – £3.95

Hand picked and twisted from the Phoenix mountains in China. Ultimate everyday luxury, a very special tea.

Herbal Infusions

Peppermint – £3.50

Quite possibly the best peppermint in the world, whole peppermint leaves create an incredible fresh cup

Camomile – £3.50

Best quality camomile flowers produce a pleasant and aromatic infusion

Cygnet Teas

Available as either loose leaf tea or in tea bags/cygnets– all priced at £3.95

A unique selection of teas carefully and lovingly blended by the Black Swan Tea Company. The teas below are available as loose leaf or in a tea cygnet.

Black Swan Blend

An award winning, exquisite tea. The Black Swan Blend calms, yet revitalises the body and soul. The total feel-good tea

Earl Grey Blue Flower

A regal yet gentle twist on a classic blend. ‘The Earl’ will warm your heart and lift your mood. Just add friends and a dash of conversation. What could be better?

Green Tea with Honey, Cherry Blossom and Ginseng

This playful tea just loves to be loved so let it gently caress your body and mind

Green Tea with Apple, Mint and Chilli

The Apple, Mint and Chilli is bold, energising, courageous and will boost your senses. A perfect pick me up any time of the day

Gin and Tonic Tea

Let our elegant Gin and Tonic tea nourish your body, while cleansing and detoxifying your system. Health and wellbeing in a cup

Rooibos and Liquorice

Tea with a hint of mischief? Creamy, satisfying and full of life, this rich and swanky tea is also full of goodness. Antioxidants have never tasted so good!!

Whisky and Ginger

To be carefully sipped in the relaxed company of good friends, our Whisky and Ginger will leave you feeling mellow and content

Pomegranate and Passion Fruit

Our Pomegranate and Passion Fruit infusion is an uplifting and refreshing experience. Simply the best fruit tea you will ever taste! 

Coffees & Hot Chocolates

Filter Coffee – £3.50

A pot for one with hot milk. Our house blend, 100% Arabica bean

Americano – £3.95

A large espresso with hot water

Café Latte – £3.95

Espresso & steamed milk

Cappuccino – £3.95

Espresso, steamed milk, milk foam, sprinkled with chocolate

Espresso – £3.50

A small, strong coffee

Double Espresso – £4.25

Double the quantity of an espresso

Espresso Macchiato – £3.75

An espresso with a little steamed milk

Mocha – £3.95

A coffee made with chocolate, espresso & steamed milk

Hot Chocolate – £3.95

Fresh whipped cream & marshmallows