The Little Festival of Everything

On the 28th – 29th September #LittleFest will be rolling into Helmsley. Over the weekend the town will play host to musicians, artists, storytellers, dancers, crafts-folk, comedians, bands and magicians. These events and performances will be taking place in some of the most unexpected places around Helmsley including cafes, shops, the market square, pubs, alleyways and pavements.

And this is where we come in, on Sunday from 3pm – 5pm The Black Swan will be playing host to the radio play ‘Any Road’, a delicious comedy by David G. Griffiths and Tom Needham.

When a council threatens to close an historic bridge and replace it with a modern monstrosity, the inhabitants of a small market town rise up in arms. The fact that this fictional story is set in Helmsley with a bridge over a river called the Rye is entirely coincidental… This funny and affectionate dramatised reading is performed by members of Clap Trap Theatre Productions.

For more information and the full line up of all the acts visit