Alison Souter

Alison started work at The Black Swan in 1994 as a part time waitress to fit in with looking after her then very young children. Previously to this Alison worked for Barclays Bank for 13 years. Over the next 7 years Alison worked her way up the ranks to become Assistant Restaurant Manager, and then in 2007 she was approached and asked if she wished to become the Manager of a new Tearoom that the hotel was thinking of opening.

By far the biggest challenge of her working life was to set up and run The Tearoom, but in April 2010 all the hard work paid off when the Black Swan Tearoom won the ‘Top Tea Place’ in the UK 2010, awarded by the prestigious Tea Guild, which is the top award a tearoom can win.

One of Alison’s passions in life is tea so becoming the manager of a Tearoom was always going to be the perfect job for her. She can, and does happily talk tea all day long, so much so that the hotel set up a Tea Club so that Alison could share her knowledge and passion with others.

Out of work Alison loves walking, reading, drinking tea in lovely little tearooms and traveling but most of all just been with her family as much as possible.

Black Swan Moments

Fantastic afternoon tea in your beautiful Tearoom. Absolutely delicious and staff delightful.