Helmsley Walled Garden

Helmsley Walled Garden

Helmsley Walled Garden is a five-acre walled garden within the grounds of Duncombe Park and beneath Helmsley Castle. Constructed in 1756, the garden was derelict for many years and is now being brought back to life by a band of staff and volunteers, who form the charity responsible. Come and see the restored glasshouses, plant nursery and Vinery Cafe and the wonderful 5 acre restoration that has been undertaken.

The garden you visit today is the result of a great deal of hard work over a long period of time by a large number of volunteers, friends, supporters and staff. Individuals have moved on but the garden ethos remains. It has always sought to retain serenity, be a reflective space and use gardening for its restorative qualities.

As a charity they have some principle aims and you will see evidence of those on your visit. The gardens are a historic site demonstrated most effectively by the greenhouses with their collection of vines, but you will also see produce being grown, trained fruit trees and extensive flower borders and even some old fashioned cottage flowers.

Tel: 01439 771427

Web: www.helmsleywalledgarden.org.uk

Email: info@helmsleywalledgarden.org.uk